"The area of Skjelstad is a real hidden gem of a place. The nature and surrounding area is stunning and the people, even more wonderful and welcoming!"


..."an unsullied magical place and a grateful, loving community, where you feel home very quick"..

Berta Oeszike


A Letter to you

My Dear,


once upon time a man said:


"Can someone give this crazy lady some matches, so she can burn down the barn."


That was 20 years ago, when I left the greedy city to come back home. To settle down in peace with my three daughters.I bought this place- the main house and the barn- to give it some låve.

The barn was nearly falling apart outside and the roof was leaking. But the old structure stood strong. Made out of Norwegian timber on top a solid foundation of rock from Mother Earth.

I was not given matches- I fell in låve!

Slowly, with help from my friends and family I started to save the building.

I did this in deep låve for my home. For my ancestors who worked so hard to make a living up North: Under the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun- close to the wild ocean. We must not forget the storms, the rain, the snow and the darkness ( The sun always shines on TV).

The barn had taken it all in- but I did not give up.

You are totally safe when you are in låve. But my mind struggled: Will I make it? How to do it?

I will not bore you with all the details: The hard work, living outside in winter, no water nor electricity. I had no place to live- renting out the house to make some cash.

I just want to say: Follow your dream!

Work hard, very hard and make it happen.

After 20 years of hard work I am ready to work some more. Therefore I invite you with låve to my

Nordic Boutique Barn in North Norway!

Lillian Låve Selvik


What guests say:

Your Host Lillian Låve Selvik

What is a Boutique Barn?

This name has its origin in the 1980 s, when Boutique Hotels were invented.

It describes a small place with a big personality and an independent attitude. The clientele is individualistic and prefers an intimate personal feeling. Also the place reflects the look of the locations heritage. Since I own a barn and live up North: I changed it into the Nordic Boutique Barn!

"Our stay at Lillian's place was amazing!"

Simon and Antoine

"The scenery is breathtaking( the Arctic sea and the beautiful mountains right in front of the doorstep), great Accomodation and above all, an entertaining host."


"This is just the place to be!"


"Lillian is an amazing woman, with a heart as big and hot as the sun."


"This is the place closest to paradise!"



Lillian Låve Selvik

Leinesveien 38

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