the Place to Be

The choice is yours!


Meet up with some nice people in the Boutique Barn.

Enjoy your privacy in the the cozy apartment.

Spoil yourself with a mini vacation in the Morococo room or

meet the more adventurous you in the treehouse.


Meet some nice people!

The bathroom in the Nordic Boutique Barn
Hide and Seek
The place to meet nice people
The  kitchen in the Nordic Boutique Barn

Breakfast is 130 Nok per person



The Boutique Barn


is a place to meet fellow travellers and local people.


The Boutique Barn is equipped with a modern community kitchen which provides a big fridge, a dishwasher an oven and a coffee machine.


You will find everything you need.


It also has two bathrooms one of them with a shower and a washing machine. We will provide the towels.


The lounge area with a sofa and some comfy chairs welcomes you to relax at the fireplace. There is enough space for everyone.


There is good internet connection.

We also offer traditional Norwegian dishes with seasonal and local ingredients, like fresh fish, moose, reindeer, lamb and berries.

The rooms in the Nordic Boutique Barn

The perfect holiday home for 8 people

The Micky Mouse room

single bed room

price: 400 Nok

The Hems

king size bed

price: 800 Nok

3 single beds

price per person:

400 Nok

This room is above the community room and partly open.

Kids under 4 are free of charge

The Isaac room

king size bed

price: 800 Nok

f0r 2 people

The Høystålet

2 single beds

price per person:

400 Nok


Connected to the Isaac room

The Apartment

Enjoy your privacy!

The Apartment

has a king size bed

special offer: 800 Nok for

2 people


The perfect holiday home for 2 people!



If you are looking for a private and cozy place in the heart of the Norwegion wildernesss, this is the place to be. It is the ideal base for a nature experience. You can see the Northern Lights, go on hikes (straight from your doorstep), see wildlife and cook in your own little kitchen. The bathroom has a shower and a washing machine. And there is a fireplace where you can end an adventurous day with style.


The Marocco room

Spoil yourself with some real moroccan atmosphere!

With Låve
The Moroccan lounge area

Morocco room and sauna


Not many people expect to find a piece of Morocco in a barn in Arctic Norway!

This treat is for everyone in need of some comforting warmth and silence. With hundreds of lit candles, your private sauna and a nice bubblebath in the jacuzzi you realize: Life is good!


The Badstu


includes the sauna, the jacuzzi and etheric oils. We provide towels and bathrobes.

price: 500 Nok

max 4 people



the Morocco room


includes the sauna, the jacuzzi, etheric oils and the big morocco themed room with lots of candles. We also provide the towels and the bathrobes.

price: 800 Nok

max 4 people


This offer is for the local people who wish to go on a mini vacation!


And it is for the visitors of the Arctic Circle to feel the comfort of a warm place in the middle of beautiful nature.

You can also ask for special deals to add-on. Like drinks, food and an overnight stay.

The Treehouse

Cuddle up with beloved ones
The treehouse

Meet the more adventurous you!

A cozy place in nature
Enjoy good company in the treehouse

The Treehouse


This is the place to truly connect to nature!


If you are looking for a quiet place to gather your thoughts and strenght, or if you want to test your limits in the elements- this is for you.

We provide the firewood, cooking equipment and everything you need. In case you do not want to cook for yourself, we can prepare you some warm tasty dishes.


And remember: There is always a warm bed and a sauna waiting for you.



price: 600 Nok

max 3 persons

including sleeping bags, sleeping pads and firewood



price: 300 Nok

max 3 persons

bring your own



Where is the treehouse?

The treehouse is in your own little forest, it is a ten minute walk from the Nordic Boutique Barn.


When is the best time to sleep out there?

Anytime you like. We provide mosquito nets for the summertime and plenty of sleepingbags and woolen blankets for the winter.

The hammocks

The view point

Chill out in the beautiful nature of our backyard!


This year we have a special offer for you. Our new hammocks arrived and you can rent them out for just 100 Nok a day!

You can use the comfort of the kitchen and bathroom and venture out in nature to sleep and relax.


Sleep in a fairy tale forest
Find yourself in beautiful nature


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